Free Resources

I recently discovered a couple free resources that I think will be a blessing to those in ministry or business. These resources are in the graphic design realm.  When planting a church or starting a biz, the thought of doing graphics for social media and print can be intimidating. Relax… here are some solutions for you.


The first one is

If you have tried making covers for you r solical media, you understand how frustrating it can be. will help with your facebook cover, twitter cover and various other layouts. The dimensions are already in template form and the navigation is super simple! You are limited only by your imagination.

For memes and other visuals, you may  need photos. It’s always a good idea not to rip photos from someone else, especially a photographer that depends on the sale of the photos for their livelihood. The answer is “free use” photos! (uncopyrighted)

You can find free photos at the following sites:


I hope these resources help you save time and money with your graphic designs and enables you to concentrate on other areas of ministry that need your attention.



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