Using Tech To Be More Effective

So this might seems a bit odd for some of you, but I’m using twitter more and more these days. It’s a simple way to connect and to dialogue with less “drama” than other social media arenas.

If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, here a few links to help you get started:


I am also using Instagram more these days. Again, if this is something new to you, here a few links you may find helpful:


If Twitter and Instagram are new to you then this next bit of info might be over the top. The rest of you who are asking, “who doesn’t know about Instagram and Twitter?” I say say to – hush it!!! Haha no just kidding, you would be surprised.

So the picture below was used using an application called “Layout”. I use an Apple Phone. Again, to Android users… hush it 🙂 So anyways, find the App store on your phone and search for layout. This app allows you to take up to 4 pics and place them into 1 jpg. It comes in handy especially since you don’t want to bombard social media with 3-4 pics of the same event.

Jeff Hoglen on Instagram

So there you have it… 3 tools to help you reach more people and be more effective in business or ministry. 1) Twitter 2) Instagram and 3) Layout

I pray this helps!

Jeff Hoglen


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