How Do We know When it’s Time to Quit?

The root of the question: church planting is incredibly hard and people often want to quit! I once got some flak from a pastor for saying, “I quit every week and then rehire myself.” Somebody told me Charles Spurgeon was asked. “Do you ever think about quitting ministry?” He replied. “about twice a month.” So… I’m just 50% less spiritual than one of the best preachers EVER 🙂


The truth is: if you are church planting, you’re going to find it hard and one of the reasons that its hard is because you need the Holy Spirit. You actually need

God to plant a church! There’s going to be a lot of guys and church planting groups selling courses, videos and books… telling you about a bunch of methods to have a mega church. Church planters are not much different than everybody else who looking for the silver bullet… the answer to all their questions. Face it, people want someone who is going to tell them the secret of success.

Free nugget for you: The problem with the cookie cutter church planting is the context of your church is never taken into consideration. What works in the city may or may NOT work in a rural setting. We will save this topic for a different blog entry 🙂

Basically everybody wants it easy. They see the mega churches – which make up less than 1% of all churches globally, and they aspire to have one. Can I be brutally honest? There is no five step program or some kind of church planter in a box that’s going to save you from hard work, shedding tears, feelings of loneliness and a desire to escape into a life which is more steady, simple and monetarily more beneficial. It doesn’t exist!  It’s going to be hard and I’m convinced that many times that’s how God wants it to be… simply so we come back to that place – crumpled in a heap at his feet… in desperation like the early church waiting for Holy Spirit to fall upon us and fill us anew.


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