What Makes Your Church Unique?

What Makes Us Different
Sometimes we as pastors and ministry leaders attend conferences and come back jazzed up and ready to do great and awesome things!  Have we ever stopped to realize the majority of the conferences are held at larger churches? They may have a very different perspective on “church”. When we try and implement some of those ideas in our context (rural / suburban / urban) or (<50 people, < 100, or even < 200 in attendance) we may very well get discouraged. What happens many times is we internalize. We think it’s something we are doing wrong. Or worse… we blame “our people”. A few takeaway nuggets: 1) context is everything – your church is unique in locale, style and frankly talent / gifting. 2) Concentrate on what makes your church unique and different. If your area is anything like ours, there are churches on every corner (it seems like). What makes your church different? Instead of trying to be like the mega church down the road, be the best “church” you can be  based on your strengths. 3) Don’t try and be all things to all people. That’s exhausting!! For our local church, we have decided to concentrate on just 4 things: a) Excellent Sunday Services – because in our context, this is where the majority of  non-believers encounter Jesus for the first time. b) Thriving Small Groups (L.I.F.E. Groups) – We feel that real transformation happens in the context of relationship. c) Discovering Purpose – we feel it’s our duty as 5 fold ministers to “equip the saints to do the work of the ministry”. Basically, we “win” when we help others succeed in their life calling. And then finally d) Serve – Once you find that thing that stirs you up inside – do it with all you got and for the glory of Christ! We word this by saying everyone has a next step: 1) Follow (believe and follow Jesus / Sunday Service, 2) Connect (with a LIFE Group) 3) Discover (What is God’s idea for your life?) and 4) Serve. All followers of Jesus should be servants at heart. In summary:  If you are a church with limited funds and limited volunteers, stop envying the church down the road! Your church deserves the best YOU and your church can be the best THEY can be by concentrating on their strengths!

Lead Well!

Jeff Hoglen


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