7 Steps to Simplify & Get More Done Each Day

7 Steps to Simplify & Get More Done Each Day-1 (2)Our lives are fast paced and stress levels out the roof. Here is the good news: There’s a lot you can do to simplify your life and still get more accomplished. There’s a seemingly endless supply of “hacks” online. There are hacks for work, your love life, exercise, and everything else under the sun. Getting through all of the hacks requires a hack of its own.

So let’s get practical here and see what we can come up with.

Keep things simple and focus on a few powerful strategies:

1. Make a short list. With so much to do, I start my day with a list. I encourage you to make a list of the 2-3 most important things you want to get done at work. Before you drive home, make a list of the 2-3 most important things you want to get done at home. Make a new list for the weekend.

• The act of making the list will force you to prioritize so you can accomplish the most important tasks. If we shoot from the hip, chances are we are going to miss a few things or we might get stuck doing something insignificant when there are more important matters that deserve our attention.

2. Focus on one task at a time. Switching back and forth between two or more tasks is inefficient. Learn to focus on one task until it’s complete before moving on to something else. Try this for a week and notice the difference it makes.

3. Try to limit your emails to five sentences. If an email is five sentences, no one will complain that your email is too short or too long. You can maintain relationships without spending a lot of time typing a senseless email. Pick up the phone as the situation calls for it.

• I prefer texting over email or phone calls. I deliberately keep text messages short and sweet. When people know you aren’t a chatter box, they will only exchange important messages.

4. Go to bed early. Any extra time you’re awake at night probably isn’t productive. It’s probably spent watching TV while nodding off in your favorite chair. Get to bed early and get up early. You’ll get more done.

5. Sort your mail as soon as you get home. Each day, grab the mail and stand over the garbage can. Throw out the junk and sort the rest. Put it all away in the appropriate place.

6. Turn off Distractions. I got into a habit of leaving Facebook on while I work. Other people on FB can see that I was online and therefore felt like I was just surfing the web with nothing better to do. I learned quickly to disable chat  Even after doing that, I found myself switching over to see “what was going on”. I analyzed my time and came to the conclusion that I am better served if I shut it down and focus on the task at hand.

• Since I am self-employed, I have a disciplined  routine. Within that routine, I have designated start and stop times as well as scheduled break times. This is the time to get on FB , Twitter etc.

7. Return calls while you are on a long drive. If a situation requires a phone call, consider doing it while you are driving. Let me qualify this one. I’m believing that you have blue tooth or speaker system in which you can speak and drive at the same time be safe 

Try out these 7 steps and see how they impact your life. What other things could you add? Consider where you seem to waste the most time. Keep your life simple and it will be easier to get through the day with a feeling of accomplishment.

Til next time,

Jeff Hoglen




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