7 Tips to Brighten a Day

7-tips-for-brightening-a-dayA little act of kindness goes a long way. Consider giving one of these tips a try. They are sure to brighten someone’s day!

  1. Send a quick note. It can be a note slyly placed or an actual card sent through the mail.
  2. Make a quick call. It’s enough to simply say that you were thinking about them.
  3. Hold the door open for someone. Instead of asking yourself, “Are they close enough that I should hold open the door?” just hold the door open. I bet you will get a smile.
  4. Send a text.  You’re sure to make someone happy with a simple “Thinking of you!” text.
  5. Give away a copy of your favorite book. You could even leave it on a vacant desk at work with a note, “Thought you’d like this.”
  6. Run an errand for a friend. When someone is busy, any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Say something encouraging to someone. A little support is always appreciated. In a world that is so negative, encouragement is rare commodity.

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